Energy Conservation Program Launches Website

       Dr. John Swang, director of the Energy Management Program for the St. Tammany Parish Public School System, presented his annual progress report to the School Board recently, noting that savings continue to mount as buildings and personnel become more energy-efficient.
       A new energy conservation website was launched recently by the department. It offers a variety of information on how to save money through energy management, changes in routine behavior, and appropriate technology.
       Over the last three years, the School System has made significant progress in controlling energy costs through environment awareness and personnel training as well as the installation of automated control systems for air conditioning and heating. Savings are expected to increase as more schools have NOVAR control systems installed. “Our current energy savings are at 19.4 percent,” Dr. Swang said.
       According to carefully monitored statistics, the School System has, through its energy-saving efforts, avoided energy costs of $1.7 million last school year. Since the program began in 2005, a total cost avoidance figure of $4.2 million dollars has been realized. The program helped schools save $45,000 alone just on monitoring energy charges for possible errors in billing, it was reported.
       “We are the only school district in the state designated an Energy Star Partner by the Environmental Protection Agency,” Dr. Swang stated. “And in June we were recognized as a Leaders Top Performer, meaning our schools and facilities are more energy efficient than 83 percent of similar buildings around the nation.”
       Efforts are now being made to provide each school with a “specialized energy management plan” which will suggest improvements based on specific site characteristics.